Welcome to the Family!

So I’m broke again. Spent lunch money on books, I’m gonna end up begging on the streets if it weren’t for my friends. HAHAHA!




I actually finished reading I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell today. I laughed nonstop at Tucker regaling his stories. I love SlingBlade’s personality and smart mouth. Tucker is really the asshole he claims to be, it’s out of bounds hilarious and a good read if you’re.. uh nvm 😀

I’m taking a break from all the mind wracking nerve wrecking whirlwind titillating  books I’ve been reading. LOOK AT ME by Jennifer Egan took a toll on me, I have yet to write about it. It really stressed me out whew. The issue revolving on image and whatnot.

the good thing about alcohol is, if you can't remember it, it didn't happen.
the good thing about alcohol is, if you can’t remember it, it didn’t happen.


Akong bilib sa kaugalingon nako ga saguyod sa yuta.
Gabaguod kog dala aning gipangbati nako.
Wala ko kabalo unsa akong buhaton.


A quiet afternoon.

Distant murmur of a neighbor’s radio.

Sunlight filtering through glass the glass windows.

Dancing curtains caressing an invisible companion.

A comfortable warmth.

Polished wooden floor cool beneath my feet.

Muffled screams. Thud.

A butterfly wandered in.

I managed to get away with

A spin in my vision


A ring in my head.

My first kiss stolen.

My heart wild.

My virginity was intact.

But I,

Was not.





i got published. somewhere. my friend forced me to agree that she submit my poem. i got published. i know i should feel ecstatic and amazed and so on.. but i don’t feel that good about myself. i always feel so insecure. i think i’m really not good at writing and i appreciate the people who think my craft is good, but i don’t think i deserve it. insecure. insecure. insecure. haha. i don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Ripped Page

i tightened

my grip

on your pen

as i wrote


the whisper


your touches


jagged breaths


muffled moans.



gripped hard


creased the pages


a story


shouldn’t be written.