Pretty Little Butterfly

Out in the sunshine fluttering through the garden-

two little boys – pins and nets and sticks.

Chasing after her.

Iridescent wings now too tired to fly

and a beguiling rose

in front of her.

She rested for awhile when

two muddy fingers picked her up

by the wings.

She writhed and squirmed in their grasp.

They laid her down on the ground –

Spread-eagled while the boys

Laughed and plucked her legs.

Pinned her down with needles

Pulledd her wings and let it fly in the wind.

When they were done they left,

For another great adventure.

Poor little butterfly lay dying on the ground.

Around her insects came-

Her fault for flashy wings.

Her fault for going into the garden.

Her fault for being a butterfly.




I wish I were

a different person

Maybe then,

I’d make different choices.


I wish I made

different choices

Maybe then,

I’d be a different person.



Is it really that bad if someone sees who you are? Why is it humans have problems with letting someone see that they are human?

Joseph Gogler

Why indeed is it so hard for a person to be human. My prof once told me “Madaling maging tao pero mahirap magpakatao. It sounded ironic since it came from his shithole but he made a point. We are all so busy protecting ourselves from others that we only end up hurting ourselves in the process, because really what we want is for someone to see us for who we really are, for people to embrace you in all honesty the person that is you. So why must we all fuck with each other’s senses and pretend? Because? I know we all have our personal reasons. I am really guilty. Who am I to preach? I don’t know I just want to air out these frustrations. Can’t we just learn to live together? be happy and stuff?

A While Indeed

When was the last time I last took the time to sit and write something here? Judging from my last post, it was last August 2014. Tracing back, I couldn’t quite remember the things that happened after. I feel quite regretful of that fact. I could have noted events in my life I didn’t want to miss. But then again if they were that remarkable a moment, I wouldn’t probably really forget it that easily. But I am quite the forgetful person. Well, not really, I mean I remember weird things and different details. Sometimes I just remember the scent, other times just the color of my shirt. Some instances, I remember like it just happened a few minutes ago and things that happened just yesterday, I’d forget as if it happened decades ago. This won’t really be all about memories and remembering. This could be perhaps an “I’m back”-rant. I have been away for really, a while. A lot had happened and things in me has changed since then. Maybe, I think so.

On Things


they call their phones, cameras, cars, and gadgets their babies.

Sometimes christen them with names

They cry when they fall,

They go crazy when they don’t work

and go ballistic when phones are left at home.

They keep saying they wouldn’t survive the day

Without their gadgets.

If their cars get the lightest scratch,

they’d be prepared to wage a war.

Why can’t they do that with people too?

Welcome to the Family!

So I’m broke again. Spent lunch money on books, I’m gonna end up begging on the streets if it weren’t for my friends. HAHAHA!




I actually finished reading I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell today. I laughed nonstop at Tucker regaling his stories. I love SlingBlade’s personality and smart mouth. Tucker is really the asshole he claims to be, it’s out of bounds hilarious and a good read if you’re.. uh nvm 😀

I’m taking a break from all the mind wracking nerve wrecking whirlwind titillating  books I’ve been reading. LOOK AT ME by Jennifer Egan took a toll on me, I have yet to write about it. It really stressed me out whew. The issue revolving on image and whatnot.

the good thing about alcohol is, if you can't remember it, it didn't happen.
the good thing about alcohol is, if you can’t remember it, it didn’t happen.