A Rather Late About

beautiful me (hey a girl can dream) hahaha!

Hello po 🙂 magpapakilala ako sa Filipino, kasi ito ang lingguahe ng aking tinubuang lupa (hahaha) pasensya na’t mahina ako sa Filipino. Nakakahiyang isiping mas magaling akong sumulat sa Ingles kesa sa Filipino. Mejo mahirap lang talaga siya, Bisaya rin kasi ako eh. Waits lang! Mag bisaya na lang kaha ko para sayon ra 😀 ngano man dae ako ra makasabot! heyo mga bisaya diha follow me! hahaha oh sidja, para magkaintindihan ang buong mundo, mag-I-Ingles na lang ako.

Hi my name is Rose Lyn R. Geonzon, I am 18 years old with the mentality and height of a child. I don’t look like most people my age, nor do I act like one (teehee sometimes lang). I am a sophomore at Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan taking up B.S. Education Major in English. I did not choose my course, or should I say I don’t know what I should take so my mom took over for me. I was born on the 1st of August in the year of the Dog,1994. My star sign is Leo, hear me rawr. I suck at math and housekeeping. I am a lazy self-indulgent little prick. I enjoy procrastinating and laughing. I love food, clothes, shoes and BOOKS. Oh yes, I love books. I love to read and drown myself in books. I would really love to travel for real someday~ I also love eating. Eating is my life.

I have insecurities about mostly physical aspects of myself -_- my height topping the list, I’m not even 5ft tall yet. Just almost damn. I also have sensitive skin and allergies and a weak immune system.  There’s so much I want to share about myself but it’s too tiring dammit.  I’d really want to know more about you guys so don’t hesitate to contact me hahaha.

I have tumblrs, twitter, pinterest and facebook. just comment me or something. i ❤ u.


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