A While Indeed

When was the last time I last took the time to sit and write something here? Judging from my last post, it was last August 2014. Tracing back, I couldn’t quite remember the things that happened after. I feel quite regretful of that fact. I could have noted events in my life I didn’t want to miss. But then again if they were that remarkable a moment, I wouldn’t probably really forget it that easily. But I am quite the forgetful person. Well, not really, I mean I remember weird things and different details. Sometimes I just remember the scent, other times just the color of my shirt. Some instances, I remember like it just happened a few minutes ago and things that happened just yesterday, I’d forget as if it happened decades ago. This won’t really be all about memories and remembering. This could be perhaps an “I’m back”-rant. I have been away for really, a while. A lot had happened and things in me has changed since then. Maybe, I think so.


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