summer lovin’, lovin summer: day two \m/

Our second and last day 😦 we hate to say good bye but we had to. we were supposed to stay for another day but we had to drag our broke asses home or we’ll be stuck in this paradise forever. the guys in the photos are Dario and Ju. Dario’s a schoolmate of ours who lives near the white island and Ju is his friend. Thanks to him we had free snacks at his place and discounts on the island chuchu.


you have to ride a boat to get to this certain white sandy beach ❤


On our way to the island in the sun….



The first thing we did was of course, take a picture and ate swaki (sea urchin). it tasted weird at first since i was not accustomed to the taste, but it was actually good 😀 must try!!!!




Just take a look at the view 😀






selfme selfus
selfme selfus


we hate to leave 😦 but we had to 😥




haha it was reaaaal funny here, you see my travel buddy didn’t know there were going to be fishes in the spring. she totally freaked out when she found out. i was enjoying the cold waters and she was screaming and i was laughing my ass off 😀 but i managed to persuade her to get into the water 😀

IMG_3121 IMG_3122 IMG_3124 IMG_3141



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