God’s Favorite

i was waiting for myself to finish reading this exciting novel, but somewhere along the way i got bored.. so i drew on the first few pages of the book.


"Why me? he asked himself again. "Why does God love Tony Noriega?"
“Why me? he asked himself again. “Why does God love Tony Noriega?”


God’s Favorite is a historical fiction by  Pulitzer Price winning author, Lawrence Wright. It captured a rather personal account of the famous Noriega. lol my tone seems so serious. anyway, a gripping drama and black humor of Panama during the last days of dictador, Manuel Antonio “Pineapple Man” Noriega.


i had a hard time drawing the first picture 😦 it’s so kuti! i almost decided not to finish it but i did yey!!’

a few line i loved:


This one’s Tony’s tactic on girls. i kind of hated him for it:

The trick was to take them by surprise, keep them off guard, never let them know what was coming. He made a lot of promises and every once in a a while he would deliver them. Hope kept them on the hook.


Fela’s warning:

Do not try to find the end of my patience-it is very near.


Regarding Father Jorge:

He came when others refused,. He is one of us, even if he doesn’t know it yet.


The Nuncio’s advice (which i really loved):

Be careful. In my experience, it’s exactly the questions we don’t to face about ourselves that God likes to pose.



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