hello dac

Hi dac 🙂

Dac? How are you up there? Out there? Sorry dac for burdening you with our anger and sorrow. We are so sorry for not having found forgiveness for the people who took away your life, yet. It will take a really long time or it won’t even happen at all. We’re sorry for the weight of remorse and hatred. I know you would not be happy over this, I know you’d probably want us to carry on. I know you wouldn’t want us to feel bad.

Dac? I’d really love to know where you really are right now. To be honest, I can’t let you go yet. It’s been a couple of days and it’s still not sinking in. I couldn’t blame you for leaving so soon. They didn’t have to do that right?

Dac? I’d really love to talk to you. We’ve probably passed by each other a hundred times in the past, and until recently we wouldn’t have known we’d become part of each other’s lives one way or another. I’d like to believe that there’s HE has a greater purpose for your loss but I can’t help but feel bad about it. I don’t want you gone Dac, we don’t.

Dac? I miss you. We miss you. I love you. We love you. You didn’t have to leave so soon you know? Your calculator is still with me. You still have classes you did not AF. We’re still supposed to have a one on one battle. You still have to ask Lito things about me. You still have to nag him about regards for me. You still have to bond with your family and try reading a book.

Dac, I know a time will come where we will have to move on with our lives and our voices will become whispers and will eventually be silenced. When that time comes Dac, do not be disheartened. You did not leave us with nothing. Be it a little or not, you have been a part of our lives and a memory will stay within it, your memory. Perhaps we’ll be able to see your smile on somebody else, or your eyes or someone w/ a similar voice.

Dac in times passing, though it was short and regretful in my part or in our parts, I pray for the day that we’ll be able to let you go. I don’t know how things could have turned out if that Sunday night, I had agreed to hang out with you the following morning, the day you were missing. I could have spent more time w/ you, replied to your texts and so on.

The could haves and would haves are countless but they are useless now, that’s why it hurts.


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