reunion with fourth year friends last octotber 25-26 🙂 there weren’t a lot of photos but there were amazing memories.


rona, geejay, me, astra

grabbed the photo from Geej’s fb. that’s probably the only photo of that day that was posted. yves and celine, no upload 😦

so how did it go? we just hung out together at first, the four of us. then went to Dunkin Donuts to get together with the others . Ramon and Paulo were the last to come and so we went to dine at Steve’s then they decided to chill at our place. On our way to riding a jeep from DV, a street kid  chased Astra. 9 college students were no match to a single street kid who fell in love with Astra hahahaha!!! we ran and ran and ran, whooo laughtrip talaga.

aaaand forward to home, where we played shit-shit and games and blaaaaa. gold + gold= silvergold. HAHAHAHA ’twas fun so fun. slept at 5am. cheers to a fun night. Ian and Astra on their morality and abortion talk. and so on. blaaaaah :*

he confused me fuck it.



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