sigh after sigh after sigh

i never felt this devastated since our break-up. we’ll that’s just an overstatement considering the things i have gone through. but this particular event is one that struck me. i should really stop assuming and over thinking. it’s getting me nowhere but down in the dumps. i got my hope up over a dream. i knew it was impossible but still i clung to it. doesn’t mean he treats you as such then there’s a possibility of something sigh, you guys know what that is. but i know it’s not wrong to hope, or dream or imagine impossibilities. gosh, what was i thinking? i got way too ahead of myself. i’m just me. gaaah, there goes the last ounce of self-esteem i had. i don’t know why these things keep happening to me, it could be karma or pure bad luck.

it’s not my fault i smile when your name appears on my phone. you sang to me, you held me, we had late night conversations, reaaally long phone calls, secret phone calls, you kissed me, made me felt loved and so many other things.  but hey, you could have been drunk and it would be so convenient that way. let’s just forget this.

go back to being friends

act like nothing happened

i can do this.


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