coffee, books, and semester breaks

SUPER AWESOME GOOD READ CHUCK IS A FUCKING GENIUS!!! THE PLOT TWIST BLEW ME AWAY GODDAMNIT!! NO WORDS CAN EXPRESS HOW I FELT NOW I’M OFF TO SOMEWHERE TO BUY ALL HIS BOOKS, IF ONLY I HAD THE MONEY TO. JEEZ, I’M IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE I CAN’T CONTAIN THE AWESOMENESS. Whew, I can partially relate with Maddison. She’s 13 for chrissake but her parents want her to remain, 9 or 8 or both. And hey, I’m 19 but my mom always, ALWAYS, yell at me for being so immature when it’s actually their fault why i’m like this. Zzzzzzz.

next book i read was…

SUPERB. Luoy kayo si Hannibal!!! ugh!!! it’s just too bad that Murasaki had to leave him. huhuhuhu!! He’s a genius and fuck the nazis urgh!!! not enough words to describe how i felt, too. hahaha i’m really biased towards these types of novels sorry.

Carlos is sooooo sexy

The caption says it all. AWWWWWW loved this. I’m a sucker for hot men HAHAHA who isn’t? lovely very lovely. loved the action, the thrill and the twist. i already had a gut feeling that Carlos is Alejandro, but i had no idea that he was just covering up for his cousin, wow. and another thing, i’m so insecure, Gabrielle is so elegant and stunning wow. and ugh i hate Roberto.

weeee!! i took a break from reading because of plans with friends and so on… i have a classic up next,

i can’t push forward.. the beginning is boring me 😦 huhuhuhu!! i set it down. laid off for a while. i don’t know when i’ll start reading again. i’m just so jealous of summer who bought 5 books. hahahaha! i need money.


SOMEBODY!!! ANYBODY!!! SEND ME MONEY 😦 hahaha please?


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