Where do words from a writer’s pen come from?

They come from the inner most chambers of their being. It could be as deep as an abyss or as shallow as your mind. That is where words from a writer’s pen come from. Sometimes they breed in people’s lifeless eyes who can never see the world through writers’ eyes. The words come from skeletons in your closet, their closet, everyone’s closet. Words are transported by the wind through the whisper of trees and the tickling moon beam. The sun is not a scorching ball of fire but a crispy giant cheese ball junk food.

Why do words come our from a writer’s pen?

Because life is an exciting roller coaster ride and a gentle breeze. Or a calm river or a bubbling brook. Either way, words come out because it’s just the way it is. They come out because something has to be said and for writers it’s different. One must be read, to be heard. Writers are obstinate and impenetrable. That’s why words come out from their pens.

How do words come out from a writer’s pen?

Sometimes they are like torrents of rain crashing from the sky, blowing away your umbrella in the process. Other times, it’s like a gentle drizzle kissing your cheeks, ‘tis good for a walk. Sometimes they creep out of nowhere. You wake up one day and words are spilling out, leaving a wet pool of it on your pillow. Other times, words don’t come at all. Sometimes writers must make them come before being driven to the point of insanity. A rabbit pulled out from a magician’s hat. That’s how words come out from a writer’s pen.

unnecessary note. again. this is the second one i wrote right after the remnants, ruu. idk what’s happening. and also, i suck at titles ;(


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