remnants ruu

I want to revisit the times…

Of innocence and pure bliss

Of acceptable ignorance and

Honest mistakes.

I want to revisit the times…

Of skinned knees and

Ice cream melting

Of crying out loud

And driving people


I want to revisit the times…

Of outrageous questions

And curiosity

Of white lies and


I want to revisit the times….

Of uncontrollable laughter

And unreasonable tears

Of smiling in spite of


I want to revisit the times…

Of entangles bodies and

Long tight hugs.

Of chaste kisses and

Hands held tight.


I want to stay in a memory forever,

But a walk down memory lane is enough.

I would kill to live in a moment forever,

But my journey has to continue. And I’m

Stuck between the comfort of

Familiarity or the surprises that await me.

I will have to continue whether I like it or not.

I could resist but not for long. There are no pauses,

No stops. You can click replay but all that’s

Going to happen is a nostalgic playback.

Press play to continue moving forward.

I can’t say for sure why this is so. Heavy anchors

Of the past, chained to the present.

A blunt sword on hand.


Now I see the evils of this forsaken world.

The deceitful claws and prying eyes of society.

The judgment of those who “know better”.

Now all I hear are lies and


Heck, it’s an opinion.

Now egos are skinned if pride’s at stake.

And trust will easily melt away.

Now I am being driven insane.

Now it’s better not to know.

It is better not to feel.

Just sink in the comfort of your excuses.

I’m hopeless.

Now there’s screaming and banging.

Misery is my new best friend.

A bruising grip on my arm

And the gaping hole

Of what used to be.

I miss the you I thought I knew.

Now all that’s left is an entangled mess.


Desperate and confused.

Dazed and alone.


I could get used to this.



unnecessary note. i don’t know what came to mind when i wrote this. i just woke up and the first thing that’s in my head was “revisit” then i got a pen and paper, and started writing. and ended up with this. whew. i don’t know. hahaha! 


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