10 Commandments Of Being A Writer

Thought Catalog

1. Thou shalt not plagiarize.

If writing will have its golden rule, this will be it. It’s not wrong to share neither that compelling thought nor those acute words but please remember to give credit where credit is due.

2. Thou shalt not expect anything from this.

And I meant ANYTHING. Neither fame nor fortune. especially fortune. This will not pay the bills nor give your daily store-bought dinner an upgrade. It’s an egress for your excess creativity which your tedious day job fails to trump down, for that incessant idea at 3am in morning making you lose sleep because it needed to be written NOW and not a second later. Its’ your outlet and that alone is enough.

3. Thou shall not treat its readers as nitwits.

Because they really are not. They don’t need you to talk down to them nor to dumb down your writing. They don’t…

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