some days…

so my day just couldn’t get any better and i had nothing better to do with my life so i just went on with my life as usual today. i could not put a name to how i was feeling the entire day. i was there, but i wasn’t. i wanted to just stay in my room (notice how i said stay, not lock up. i’m not yet a demented psychopath (but maybe i am)) and just contemplate on life or absolutely do nothing at all. or maybe i could read a book (i’ve got tons of unread books) or sip coffee (i did that in the morning). it didn’t rain this night which made things a wee bit more depressing (it rained for 2-3  consecutive times at night) i got used to the sound of rain kissing the hard ground, melting it to mud in its soft lips. oh but i hate it when my shoes gets all partially wet when i walk on the road and step on puddles. ugh.

hmmm.. i’m running out of things to say.. except that i wasn’t myself today.. maybe i was/am myself today.. oh well..


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