stuck with each- i mean myself.

it’s summer and it’s such a bummer

to be stuck at home in a perfect weather

i’ve possibly done quite everything

but now i’m stuck wondering.


so the 1st stanza’s done

and words that rhyme are gone

i’m losing them and my sanity

i question myself and humanity.


dafuq did i write. no srsly, dafuq. i don’t knoooow!! hahaha i might actually be going crazy right now 😀 i’ve browsed through every site i usually go to, i even did some exercises because idk why did i even do that, i lolled and rolled around in bed, i, i, i, did nothing productive at all :((( (except for maybe eating and exercising a bit) no, i don’t know. what? oh shit. i’m so fucked up. HI THERE!! pleaaase somebody talk to me 😦


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