take me away a secret place a sweet escape take me away

i got a pocket got a pocket full of sunshine

i got a love and i know that it’s all mine.

i doodled these today.
i doodled these today.

I doodled them today, there were actually more but mithu refused to upload the others. idk why but yeah. and there seems to be something wrong with the picture editing settings of my wordpress… i can’t seem to fix it now, maybe soon. and yesterday was Chinese New Year. My grandpa (who i never met and just recently died (God bless his soul))  is chinese, so dad made us clean the entiiiiiiiire house and made us discard some clothes and things and stuff. and maybe it’s also a preparation for the arrival of moi granmama and her evil sister who brought chaos to our family. gosh.

and then there’s my problem with titles…







  btw, i’m almost done~

mehehehe :3 finally, i’m almost finished with the book!!! it’s by Bob Ong. He is an amazing Filipino Author 😀 he writes in Filipino and I love his works 😀


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