i suck at titles

Why is it somewhat easier to dwell on what we lack? Why is it easier to notice your imperfections? Why is it so easy to not appreciate what you have? Why does how we look matter so much? Why do we have to change to please others? Shouldn’t we be pleasing ourselves first? Shouldn’t we make ourselves feel comfortable? Are we comfortable with starving just to be skinny? Are we comfortable with bleeding wrists? Why is it hard for people to accept what other people are? Do they not realize their own imperfections? Shortcomings? I mean, don’t we all have those? Why do I have so many questions? Why do I even bother? Why are things the way they are? Why can’t they be the way I want them just for once? Can’t I be selfish for just a little while? Why do we question our worth based on what people say? Why do we think we aren’t enough?


3 thoughts on “i suck at titles

    1. i agree!!!!! hahaha~ but i think that would be hard for some, if all that matters to them are themselves and their worldly ideals and the need to satisfy society 😉 i think.

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