motivation, please?

It’s going to be midterms week next week and I’m just as fucked up. In school, we all call that hell week and it’s more evident during finals. But oh come what may. And yeah that kind of attitude is what’s going to lead to me to my death bed. GAAAAH. It’s just too tiring and overwhelming (well, not entirely) and well uhm everything sucks and it sucks to be me-dumb. And oh, I just ranted immediately without even acknowledging your presence L let me start again.

Hello there! Whoever you are I am really thankful that you even bothered to read this piece of shit. Ahhh, I just want to unload all these packages off of my boobs. Hahaha, shoulders. Naaw really, ‘tis too disorderly and cluttery and messy and whatnot. I just can’t seem to get my brain to work and it really sucks. It’s all empty and being useless, my brain. That’s my brain. What the heck am I even talking about .. sometimes I feel like it just sucks to be me, other times well, I’m just the most amazing and awesome person there ever is. (that’s me and my alter-ego speaking)

I’m diverting off of my main topic!!!! I suuuuck. I’m an embarrassment to English majors!! Hahaha fuck it all. I really need a bulldozer of motivation to unload itself  on to me. Right now, I haz nada! Zero! Nil! Aaaaah. I don’t even aaaah. I can’t blog properly, I can’t write, I can’t draw anything aaah so fucked up everything is.

There’s nothing there at all. And while making this I suddenly remembered an assignment due tomorrow that requires creativity and imagination and I think I kinda lost both of them. NATIONAL SERVICE TRAINING PROGRAM. Siiiiiiigh. I’m really tired. I can’t understand myself right now.


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