Advertising My Country

When you get the chance to visit the Philippines, don’t miss out on this really cheap sweet escapade! (the entrance is only 50 pesos for adults and 30 for kids, cottages are from 100-600 pesos) Cabula Spring Resort, the end point of Mindanao’s White Water River Rafting boasting, idk how many rapids. HAHAHA actually, I’m going to share about the fun we had at that place 🙂 the flowing spring pool has this hanging bridge that ziplines you to the other side of the pool (my hands were read afterwards and my limbs sore.. should have warmed up first).

It’s our circle of friends’ tradition to go somewhere before the year ends, a sort of outing to bond with each other(?) So we went their, funny how the boys cooked and the girls (there were only 3 of us though) laughed and poked fun at the peasants 😀 ’twas fun very fun.

The love of my life tagged along and considering how we usually are, we had zero casualties that day (no bickering weee!) and the moon was very lovely too bad I didn’t get the chance to take photo 😦  Still we had fun fun fun 🙂

CB :3 mehehe
CB :3 mehehe

and the ❤ of my life 🙂

sweetie :)
sweetie 🙂



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