thank God for friends :)

the other day… 12202012 just before the world was alleged to end, we had our exchange gifts 😀 ’twas oh so fun and nice (we did it before our 1st class started) and when finally our teacher came and she noticed. I was happy about the things they got for me. But the “more fun” part for me was buying gifts for them and the process of giving and receiving and opening them all. So, basically everything.

I forgot to mention the times my money bade farewell to my wallet. But well, worth it naman talaga. ’tis the season of sharing and loving, ’tis the season to be jolly falalala!!

mga libro lang naman ni Bob Ong

Mga Kaibigaan ni Mama Susan at Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas galing lang naman kay Joy Panget. Alamat ng Gubat galing naman kay Summer Dafo.

notbeooks, notebooks everywhere

limpak limpak na notebooks galing kina Karlo, Joy at Summer. Maraming salamat talaga mga sira ulo. hahahaha 😀



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