what’s in my bag?

a post i should have done yesterday but forgot to do so being the klutz that i am. so without further ado, here are the contents of my heart. err i mean bag. hahaha


so from below that’s our school magazine, THE CRUSADER. My Tuesday and Friday notebook, envelopes and containers for loose papers and handouts, a super cute and adorable notebook(given to me by the love of my life.. hahaha), a novel (I LOVE TO READ), a small notebook for reminders and nonsense.


for idk purposes are other items inside my bag

  • wet tissue
  • unwet tissue(lol)
  • comb
  • toothpick
  • hair tie and clip
  • head band
  • wallet
  • pencil case
  • fan
  • earphones
  • alcohol
  • powder
  • hand cream in rose scent
  • skin ointment
  • lip balm
  • band aid




mom bought that for me 2 years ago and it still lives. haven’t used it for quite some time already 😀


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