my time will come

Ever had that feeling where you’re barely good enough for anybody? It’s as if its better to give up your life right now to someone who can make a better use out of it. It may seem like I’m taking the life I have right now a wee bit too lightly, but no not really. There’s just some pressing thoughts in my mind and somehow I can’t quite put a ring on it because everything in there is so messed up and at the same time totally understandable which to me, makes no sense. So I’m not even sure if I understood what I just said there.

Right now, I feel as if I’m one piece of ugly shit. Contrary to my name Rose, which is a really lovely flower, what I am is a weed. Unnecessary, ugly, useless, and whatsoever. The way I think right now is courtesy of my mood swings, which has become more frequent these past few days. And I’ve caught myself overthinking a couple of times and just laughed at myself for giving myself burdens. But really we’ll never know what’s in store for us up ahead. Right now, this ugly feeling I feel about myself is starting to sound pathetic so I might just move on with life (speak of speedy recovery and mood swings hahaha). Life is what happens when you’re busy making your excuses. Isn’t it?

One day I’ll become great. I’ll be more beautiful than ever and I’ll look forward to it 🙂


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